Residenza delle Arti

In the heart of the city of Bern, a corner of Italy is making its way into the Residence of the Italian Embassy. This space, known as the Residenza delle Arti (Residence of the Arts), is a project started by the Italian Ambassador Silvio Mignano and artist Narda Zapata.

Challenge and solution

The aim of the Residence of the Arts is to bring together all the artistic initiatives taking place within the embassy under one name and identity. It is a proposal aiming to create a place where art in all its forms can find space and recognition.

To achieve this vision, it was essential to create a consistency among all materials produced by the Residence. The main challenge was to ensure that this consistency did not limit the uniqueness of each artistic event.

We were given complete creative freedom, with only one condition: the identity created had to respect and celebrate the historical nature of the location and the variety of art on display, while providing a tangible link between the art and the people.


We started with an analysis of the residence’s history to find the project’s values and its target audience.¬†

Creating the Visual Identity 
The result of this process was the creation of an official logo, a secondary logo, and an icon representing the bear of Bern, a historic symbol of the city. These elements are designed to engage with the visual identity of the residence itself, which features distinctive architectural elements. The primary color is inspired by the red wood present in the residence, while the secondary color takes inspiration from Savoy blue, the national Italian color.

A flexible color palette is planned, which can be adapted to the image of the event in question.

The visual identity system

A fundamental aspect of the project is the visual identity system. This involves the use of a flexible grid for each digital or printed element, aiming to ensure consistency and recognizability. This approach can be adapted to a variety of formats, from printed invitations to social media posts, to exhibition catalogs.


We have created a consistent and versatile visual identity, capable of conveying the identity of the Residence of the Arts and the values it wants to promote. This allows respecting the unique character of each event, providing a platform for artistic expression in all its forms. The Residence of the Arts thus presents itself as a place that brings together art, culture, and history, a meeting point between Italy and Switzerland.

“We very much appreciated the work that was done. Giorgia was impeccably precise, as always.”