In Riva del Garda (Italy), Modus is quietly changing the narrative around interior design. It’s a journey that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about redefining the relationship between people and their spaces, understanding them rather than just filling them.

Modus isn’t chasing the latest design trends. Instead, it’s about authenticity, about finding beauty that resonates on a personal level.

Here, design isn’t loud; it speaks in the language of simplicity and connection.
In a world often cluttered with choices, Modus opts for minimalism, not just in design but in communication. It’s a deliberate choice, a stand for what matters – quality, sustainability, and personal expression.

Magenta card with white logo

and approach

Our journey together began with a deep dive into the brand’s story, values, purpose, and all the elements that allowed us to create a comprehensive brand strategy

In a city like Riva del Garda, where the streets are full of colors, shops, and tourists, the strategy was not to scream louder, but rather to stand out by embracing calibrated simplicity.

Iphone on a sofa

The visual identity

After the brand strategy, we developed the visual identity, which includes printed materials as well as materials for social media, such as patterns, bags, objects, and stationery.

The icon symbolizes not just the name, but their approach to design – thoughtful, detailed, unique. The seal-like marque it’s a commitment to never mass-producing, always crafting with care.

The vibrant color palette expresses creativity and warmth, complemented by neutrals like pure white, silver chalice, and midnight black to complete and enhance the visual communication.

Card on a design fabric sofa