It's going to be a fun one.

Before you ask:

Refreshing your logo? Check.

Designing your website, digital and printing materials? Check.

Working hand-in-hand with you to revamp your entire brand identity framework for the future? Figuring out social media and how to connect with your audience? Oh, now we’re talking!

Most likely. Most of our work is with growth-stage SaaS companies, but we have worked with many different types of clients over the last 15+ years. Take a look at our clients to see who else we’ve worked with.

Brand owners: Founders. CEOs. Cats. Always cats.

Teams: we appreciate a good design studio + marketing manager relationship. We also manage creative teams. And train them.

Our favourite clients:

• understand that even the most complex and serious projects can be approached with a sense of lightness, and they want to work collaboratively with us to bring their vision to life.

• value design, but they also understand the importance of first understanding the communication aspects of the project. 

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you create something truly different, while keeping your goals and values in mind, then we’re the team for you.

Our branding process follows 4 steps:

  1. Discovery: In this first step, we immerse ourselves in your business and work collaboratively to gain a complete understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities. This includes discussing your brand, culture, external forces, industry trends, ideal customers, and future ambitions. At the end of this step, you’ll have a clear map of your current business and challenges.

  2. Clarity and Strategic Thinking: Once we understand your business, we work with you to envision what needs to be created to reach your goals and anticipate any potential roadblocks. This step is all about ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that we have a clear plan for moving forward.

  3. Brand Expression: In this step, we help you create a brand that truly represents who you are. We work with you to develop a brand voice and visual identity that reflects your uniqueness and resonates with your target audience.

  4. Implementation and Support: This is where everything comes together. We make sure that all aspects of your new world are coherent and consistent, from internal documents to your website and promotional events. We can also manage the development of these resources to keep your brand consistent in the market and ensure everything stays on-brand. We provide a manual and support on a fixed period to make sure that you stay on track, and we’re always here to help you navigate any changes to the landscape.

Yes: we believe that collaboration is key to creating the best work possible, and we carefully select our partners based on their expertise, experience, and shared values.

We thought you’d never ask! Yes, we can help you find your visual voice, contact us to know more.

Yes, you can hire us for graphic recording and live scribing services. We offer both remote and on-site graphic recording to help make your event more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Our graphic recording services include creating visual summaries of presentations, meetings, and other events in real-time, capturing key ideas, themes, and insights in an easy-to-understand visual format. We can also work with you to create custom visuals and infographics that communicate complex ideas and data in a clear and compelling way.

Yes: Giorgia is passionate about the power of self-expression, personal branding, and visual storytelling, and she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

Giorgia’s talks cover a range of topics related to visual storytelling, such as how to use visual storytelling to communicate complex ideas in a simple, engaging way.